Bare Rentals
Most of our rentals are "Bare Rentals" where only the equipment is leased, typically to an industrial firm or military contractor.  The customer must provide their own Certificate of Insurance and certified forklift operator.

Forklift Service
Forklift Hawaii can provide equipment and a certified operator to a job site.

Specialty Forklift Jobs
We do planning and implementation of difficult jobs.  Past examples:
  • Safe transfer of large, sensitive equipment from container to flat-bed trailer.
  • Hotel and restaurant: Set grease traps in areas not accessible by a crane.
Example of Typical Rental Process
  • Company X needs a 18-ton forklift on a construction site.
  • Call Forklift Hawaii to check availability, receive a price quote and the Terms & Conditions of rental.
  • Company X talks to their usual business insurance provider to acquire a suitable Certificate of Insurance as detailed on the Terms & Conditions.
  • Forklift Hawaii can handle delivery to the site and pickup after the job is done.  The customer has the option of contracting their own firm for equipment transport from our forklift yard in Kalihi.
  • Billing is conducted by duration of rental.  The Lease Agreement may specify additional charges for hours/fuel used or damage repairs after the equipment is returned.

Our Newest 31-ton and 3-ton Forklifts

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